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Reaction of OPD+H2O2 with Mb Phosphate and Acetate Catalysts in Acetone Suspension

Dhea and I are continuing the trials of the suspension reactions. We are going to continue Acetone and finish up the trials tomorrow.


Mb Acetate OPD H2O2 Acetone WORKUP Trial2 GRAPH.bmp

Mb Acetate OPD H2O2 Acetone GRAPH Trial3.png

Mb Phosphate OPD H2O2 Acetone WORKUP Trial2 GRAPH.bmp

Mb Phosphate OPD H2O2 Acetone WORKUP Trial3 GRAPH.bmp

The data we've been collecting has not been consistent. But, I think there could be a reason for this: when the protein solutions are removed from the sonicator, everything collects at the bottom nearly immediately. To counteract this, it can be shaken and then immediately added, but even then, the amount of protein being added to the reaction has not been consistent, most likely. Compare any of the trials, and there may not have been the exact same concentration of protein in the reactions.