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Reaction of OPD+H2O2 catalyzed by Mb/Citrate and Mb/Tris in Acetonitrile Suspension

I realized that I never added a link to Dhea's notebook. Here it is. This contains some of the results from the past few days.

Today, we're going to continue the analysis of this reaction; hoping to finish the reactions in MeCN suspension and move on to the next solvent to continue finishing up all of the trials.


Mb Citrate OPD H2O2 MeCN GRAPH Trial2.png

Mb Tris OPD H2O2 MeCN WORKUP Trial3 GRAPH.bmp

Mb Citrate OPD H2O2 MeCN Trial3 Graph.png

Mb Tris OPD H2O2 Acetone WORKUP Trial3 GRAPH.JPG