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4 February 2013

  • Objectives:
  • 1. Run UV-VIS and Fluorescence on protein dissolved in Chloroform in Acetate buffer and water in acetate buffer (See Dhea Patel's Notebook - Insert link)
  • 2. Use a Lyopholizer to solidify proteins dissolved in solution

  • Lyopholizer Procedure:
  • 1. The Lyopholizer was turned on and let cool to -50 Centigrade.
  • 2. The proteins were solidified in liquid nitrogen, and placed in the vacuum
  • Fluorescence and UV-VIS Procedure:
  • 1. Chloroform and water samples were run in each spectroscope
  • No data received from this procedure

  • 10 mg of Sorbitol, Hemoglobin, and PEG previously solidifed was added to 5 out of 6 tubes for solvent to be added (See Dhea's Notebook)

  • Data: