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10 October 2012

  • 1. UV-Vis spectrum was calibrated with DMF. System checks were performed, and a baseline was run from 800-200 nm.
  • 2. DMF was used as a baseline, and run from 800-200 nm. The file was saved as a .spc file and a .txt file to dropbox
  • 3. DMF was then run under Fluorescence, and the file was saved to dropbox
  • 4. The 4μM NiPPIX was run under UV-VIS and Fluorescence
  • 5. The 2μM NIPPIX was run under UV-VIS and Fluorescence
  • 6. The 0.5μM NiPPIX was run under UV-VIS and Fluorescence
  • Fluorescence revealed two peaks in the NiPPIX, at approximately 590 nm and 640 nm, indicating that there is a presence of porphyrin with no nickel and nickel porphyrin. The synthesis needs to be reperformed until the second peak is not present under fluorescence.