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(Assignments/Individul Journals)
(Assignments/Individul Journals)
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==Assignments/Individul Journals==
==Assignments/Individul Journals==
*[[Paul N. Magnano:week2 individual journal]]
*[[Paul Magnano:Assignment Week 2]]
*[[Paul Magnano:Week 3 Individual Journal]]
*[[Paul Magnano:Week 3 Individual Journal]]

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Paul Magnano Lion.jpg

Contact Info

LMU Lion Class of 2014

I work in the UCLA Clinical Microbiology Laboratory [1]


  • Biology Major
  • LMU Class of 2014
  • Upper Division Biology Classes: BIO 398-04Developmental and Molecular Neurobiology, BIO 398-03 Biomathmatical Modeling

Career interests

  1. I hope to pursue graduate school.
  2. Eventually work in as a clinical laboratory scientist or laboratory director.

Additinal Info

  • Do you have any worries or concerns about this class at this point? My only concern is using the wiki to post assignments, but I am already finding that although there is a learning curve it is not too difficult.
  • Is there anything else you would like the instructors to know? Even though I am very capable of dong math problems, it is one of my least favorite subjects


  • I like that in math there is ussually one predetermined correct answer.
  • I really enjoy that in biology there is always something new to discover, and in research there are always improvements that can be made in the various procedures and techniques utilized.
  • I work in the Center for Student Success at Lmu, located in North Hall 103. It is a great resource for any student in Seaver College
  • user: Paul N. Magnano
  • LMU bulletin LMU Bulletin
  • BIOL398-03/S13 Homepage

Class Journals

Assignments/Individul Journals