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Contact Info

Pascoe J Harvey (an artistic interpretation)
  • Pascoe J Harvey
  • University of Glasgow
  • Glasgow
  • Scotland

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I am currently working in the Crop and environmental protection group at the University of Hertfordshire.


  • curent, PhD, University of Glasgow
  • 2013, BSc, Biological sciences (C100), University of East Anglia (UEA)

Research interests

  1. Synthetic Biology
  2. zinc finger
  3. logic gates

Research Projects

  • University of Hertfordshire, computational biology and protien structure predictions (June, 2013)
  • Institute of Food Reasearch, Role of extracellular DNA in biofilm formation and degredation. (January-March, 2013)
  • University of East Anglia, NRP-UEA-Norwich iGEMTeam; Synthetic Biology, quantitative logic and sensors (alumni page) (project page). (June-september, 2012)
  • Natural History Meuseum, evolution and taxonomy of rectal morphology of Curculionoidea. (June-september, 2011)
  • Rothamstead Reasearch, transmissibility of pathogenic fungi within the genus Rhynchosporium. (August, 2010)


  • George Duncan memorial prize.
  • B.A. Simpson cup for biology.
  • Verulam physics prize.