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*[[User:Pakpoom Subsoontorn/Notebook/general reading/2008/11/10 | daily progress]]
*[[User:Pakpoom Subsoontorn/Notebook/general reading/2008/11/11| technical questions]]
*TO DO:11/06/08-
*Memory project
**read invitrogen's Gateway(r) system
**solve the permission problem for mysql
**read iGEM2008 project esp. Peking's directed evolution and Berkeley's robot
**set-up Pubmed journal allert system for recombinase
*Cell-shape project
**start documenting tools..dye, cell-lines
**Talk to KC about membrane mechanics (Rob's and Winggin's paper)
**analyze data from 11/05/08
**finish Elain's chip design
**email Elain about microscope setup

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I am a new member of OpenWetWare!

Contact Info

Pakpoom Subsoontorn
  • Pakpoom (Ton) Subsoontorn
  • Ph.D student, Bioengineering Stanford
  • Address: 73 Barnes Apartment 106 Stanford CA 94305
  • Phone: (626)-375-2764
  • Email: tons[at]stanford.edu, pakpoomTon[at]gmail.com
  • Official Website
  • I'm on facebook and hi5, just search my full name. There is only one pakpoom subsoontorn!
  • Email me through OpenWetWare


  • 2008-, PhD, Bioengineering, Stanford University
  • 2004-2008, BS (Biology and Computer Science), California Institute of Technology

Research interests

  • Every week, month, quarter and year, I will summarize my current interest, direction, what I have done and the next plans in the following page: Strategic Summary

Current Research Projects

Teaching Project

Here are some imaginary courses I think should exist,



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