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Use this space as a scratch pad for your ideas and thoughts and experiences as we develop some teaching materials geared for SB starters (e.g. iGEM teams without resident synthetic biology community, or social scientists trying to understand technology that underlies the field).

The slate is still nearly blank, though I've seeded this sight with some organizational ideas....all subject to change and heavy editing.

"front page"

  • welcomes to synthetic biology
  • two sentence overview of the field
  • two sentence overview of goals of tutorial
  • two sentence overview of how to use tutorial

Tab: Biology for Engineers

  • culture celebrates understanding and description of natural world
  • central dogma
  • start with "this is a cell"
  • unifying example to ground details?

Tab: Engineering for Biologists

  • culture celebrates building things
  • predictable
  • modular, interchangeable components

Tab: Lab techniques/Registry Starter kit

  • mRFP cloning exampls

Social implications

  • might direct to Q/A from PoET/SB collaboration
  • this may not need a tab or section of its own


Useful teaching resources already freely available