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BBa_Y00073 [[1]]

had DNA 2.0 codon-optimize S. pombe gene SPCC126.04c [[2]] including biobrick ends for expression of ORF in S. cerevisiae This subunit is homolog of S. cerevisiae SGF73 [[3]] subunit of SAGA and deletion of this subunit in S. cerevisiae results in viable cells but no induction of PAU genes under hypoxic conditions.

Codon Usage Comparison using GeneArt tool called Graphical Codon Usage Analyzer [4]. Output show on SAGA swap discussion page [[5]]


from Mark Hickman in Fred's lab:
MATa ura3D0 his3D200 leu2D0 lys2-128d HAP1 DAN3-HIS3
geneology note: = yMH36 DAN3-HIS3 #5 (targeted PAU6, went into DAN3) 05/25/05

related email note 07.12.06 from Mark
I only have PAU5-URA3 or DAN3-HIS3. The DAN3 reporter is tighter on plates, perhaps because the His phenotype is tighter in general. I have not checked whether SGF73 is required for PAU5-URA3 or DAN3-HIS3 induction specifically. But I do know that in an sgf73 delta mutant, there is no hypoxic PAU expression. So I infer that PAU5 and DAN3 expression is affected. We can talk in the afternoon.