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(Research interests)
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==Research interests==
# Understand how chromatin states relate to gene expression
# How epigenomes of various stem cells change during differentiation; and how the characteristic tissue-specific epigenomes change during reprogramming
# How chromatin modification (DNA methylation and histone modification) are established and maintained; in particular identification of genomic features that allow prediction of epigenetically labile genes
# Contribution of chromatin state to variability or "noise" in transcription
# Computational analysis of epigenetics modification patterns
# Genome organization and evolution
[http://openwetware.org/wiki/Batada_Lab Lab homepage]
[http://openwetware.org/wiki/Batada_Lab Lab homepage]

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Contact Info

Nizar Batada

Nizar Batada
Ontario Institute of Cancer Research
101 College St, Suite 800,
MaRS Center, South Tower,
Toronto, Ontario M5G 3A0

fax: 416-977-1118

Administrative Assistant:
Stacey Quinn
tel: 416-673-8519
stacey.quinn "at" oicr.on.ca


2008-- Principal Investigator,
Cancer Genomics, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
2007--2008Postdoctoral fellow,
Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School (George Church, advisor)
2004--2006Postdoctoral fellow,
Department of Medical Genetics, University of Toronto (Mike Tyers, advisor) and
Department of Biology, University of Bath (Laurence Hurst, advisor)
Biophysics, Stanford University (Michael Levitt, advisor)

Lab homepage