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|[[#Contact Info|Contact Info]] |
|[[#Education|Education]] |
|[[#Research Interests|Research Interests]] |
|[[#Publications|Publications]] |
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===Contact Info===
Hi, my name is Lili Niu. I am a 6th year graduate student majored in Biochemistry and Biophysics at Texas A&M University.  I am working Dr. [[Hu Lab| James C. Hu]]'s Lab.
:*Lili Niu
:*[http://biochemistry.tamu.edu/ Biochemistry and Biophysics Department]
:*RM 446, TAMU2128
:*[http://www.tamu.edu Texas A&M University]
:*College Station, TX, 77840, USA
:*E-mail: mailto:niulili@tamu.edu
;*Lab phone number: 979-862-4055
:*[http://hulab.tamu.edu Jim Hu Lab] at Texas A&M University.
:*[http://hulab.tamu.edu/wiki/index.php/Main_Page HuLab Wiki]
:* 2001 - present, PhD, Texas A&M University
:* 1997 - 2001, BS, Beijing University, P. R. China
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===Research Interests===
After 5 years studies of bacteria proteomics and bioinformatics, I am doing work of analyzing large amount of data using bioinformatics tools such as Perl, MySQL, PHP, etc.  I am also having basic knowledge of molecular biology and biochemistry. Besides, using Perl/CGI, HTML and PHP, I’ve built several web-based databases to manage data such as [http://eep.tamu.edu ''E. coli'' proteomics], genomics and [http://young.tamu.edu/genomics phage genomics studies].
# Proteomics
# Bioinformatics
# Genomics
Right now I am writing several papers about ''E. coli'' proteomics and bioinformatics.

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