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My [http://www.ebi.ac.uk/~nils homepage] has moved to Cambridge.
{|align=center cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" style="background:#ffffff; width: 800px;"
|style="background:#000000; color:#ffffff; width: 250 px;"|Dipl.-Inf. (Bioinf.)<br><font size="4"><b>Nils&nbsp;Gehlenborg</b></font><br><br>
1441 N 34th Street<br>
Seattle, WA 98103<br>
''nils at gehlenborg dot com''
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|style="background:#000000; color:#ffffff;"|
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|style="width: 400px;"|
<font size="3"><b>Education</b></font><br>
*''2000 - 2006'': Student of Bioinformatics<br>Department of Information and Cognitive Sciences, Tuebingen University, Tuebingen, Germany<br>
*''2003 - 2004'': Visiting Graduate Student<br>Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle, USA
<font size="3"><b>Research Interests</b></font><br>
* integration of large-scale biological data sets
* information visualization
* microarray data analysis
* proteomics mass spectrometry data analysis
|style="width: 400px;"|
<font size="3"><b>Selected Projects</b></font><br>
* [http://www.zbit.uni-tuebingen.de/pas/mayday Mayday] - a microarray data analysis workbench.
* [http://prequips.sourceforge.net Prequips] - a proteomics mass spectrometry data analysis tool.
<font size="3"><b>Other Activities</b></font><br>
* I'm contributing to the [[ISCB-SC|ISCB Student Council]] pages here on [[OpenWetWare]] and I'm also the editor for the ISCB Student Council [[ISCB-SC:Newsletter:03|newsletter]].
* I'm co-chairing the [http://www.iscbsc.org/scs2.htm 2nd ISCB Student Council Symposium] in Fortaleza, Brazil.
* Surprisingly, I also have a [[media:Cv_public-nils_gehlenborg.pdf|CV]].

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My homepage has moved to Cambridge.