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I am building new technologies for basic and applied biology. Long-term research interests include:

  • fully synthetic (i.e. non-immunogenic) gene therapy vectors that integrate genes into a precise location on the genome
  • cheaper, faster, and more accurate gene synthesis
  • library vs. library screens which quantify the strength of protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions


Gene assembly from chip-synthesized oligonucleotides (PDF)

Nikolai Eroshenko*, Sriram Kosuri*, Adam H. Marblestone, Nicholas Conway, George Church, Current Protocols in Chemical Biology 4 (2012)

  • Gene Assembly by Subpool PCR (GASP) oligo design scripts and server

Mitochondrial gene replacement in human pluripotent stem cell derived neural progenitors (PDF)

Shilpa Iyer, Ena Xiao, Khaled Alsayegh, Nikolai Eroshenko, Marion J. Riggs, James P. Bennett. Jr & Raj R. Rao, Gene Therapy AOP (2011)

Scalable gene synthesis by selective amplification of DNA pools from high-fidelity microchips (PDF)

Sriram Kosuri*, Nikolai Eroshenko*, Emily LeProust, Michael Super, Jeffrey Way, Jin Billy Li & George Church, Nature Biotechnology 28:1295 (2010)