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Contact Info

Nathan J. Hillson (an artistic interpretation)

I work in the Fuels Synthesis division at JBEI, and am a staff scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs.


  • 2004, PhD, Biophysics, Harvard Medical School
  • 1999, BA, Physics/Computational and Applied Mathematics, Rice University

Research interests

  1. BioCAD software tools
  2. Scar-less multi-part DNA assembly method design automation
  3. Rapid microbial strain prototyping

Useful links

  • j5, DeviceEditor, and VectorEditor online tools
    • j5: DNA assembly design automation for (combinatorial) flanking homology (e.g., SLIC/Gibson/CPEC/SLiCE/yeast) and type IIs-mediated (e.g., Golden Gate/FX cloning) assembly methods
    • DeviceEditor: a visual DNA design canvas that serves as front-end for j5
    • VectorEditor: a visual DNA editing and annotation tool
    • The j5 and DeviceEditor software has been exclusively licensed to TeselaGen Biotechnologies for commercial use and distribution.