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  • Obtain UV-Vis results from last week's samples (Ag:BSA with 1mL Au and Ag:BSA with 1μL Au)
  • No cell procedure/results


  • Solutions with 1mL Au added:

30, 1mL Au.jpg 70, 1mL Au.jpg<br.> 110, 1mL Au.jpg 130, 1mL Au.jpg<br.> 150, 1mL Au.jpg 170, 1mL Au.jpg<br.> 190, 1mL Au.jpg 210, 1mL Au.jpg<br.>

  • Solutions with 1uL Au added:

30, 1uL Au.jpg 70, 1uL Au.jpg<br.> 110, 1uL Au.jpg 130, 1uL Au.jpg<br.> 150, 1uL Au.jpg 170, 1uL Au.jpg<br.> 190, 1uL Au.jpg 210, 1uL Au.jpg<br.>

  • UV-Vis Absorbance measurements
    • Solutions with 1mL Au added:

2014 0325 abs, added 1mL Au.PNG

    • Solutions with 1uL Au added:

2014 0325 abs, added 1uL Au.PNG