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Entry title

Preparing protein solutions and lyophilization

Objective 1

Eight different protein solutions containing were prepared for lyophilization

Procedure 1

  1. 0.2g D-manitol was added to four set of new tubes and 0.2g P-sorbitol was added to another set of four tubes, each tube recieved 0.2g of sugar
  2. 0.1g of Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), M.W. 20,000 was added to all tubes
  3. 10ml of four set of buffers including phosphate, tris, citrate, and acetate were added to tubes in an order that each four set of tubes received only one of these buffers
  4. The tubes were vortexed to dissolve PEG into the buffer and sugar solution
  5. Finally the tubes were placed in -80 degree C to freeze and then they were placed in the vacuum for lyophilization

Objective 2

Culturing PQE-80 antibiotic resistant bacteria

Procedure 2