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Entry title

  • Nickel protoporphyrin IX synthesis


Nickel Sulphate was reacted with protoporphyrine IX to produce nickel protoporphyrine


  1. 20ml of DMF (solvent) was brought to boiling point under a condenser.
  2. 0.2177g of protoporphyrin IX was added to the solvent and the mixture was allowed to boil for 20min.
  3. 0.0445g of nickel sulphate was added to the boiling mixture and the reaction was allowed to run for 30min.
  4. A dilute sample of the products was tested in a desktop fluorescence spectrometry to see if the reaction has taken place or not.
  5. Because the protoporphyrine was still emitting light, it was concluded that the reaction was not complete, therefore 0.0418g of Nickel sulphate was added to the reaction to push the reaction toward the products.
  6. After 20min, the reaction was still not complete therefore 0.0485g of nickel sulphate was added to the reaction again and the reaction was allowed to run over night.