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Entry title

Zinc protoporphyrin IX synthesis


The Zinc Protoporphyrin IX produced in previous labs was not pure enough for further studies, therefore it was synthesized again. The values of the reactants were doubled to force the reaction toward the products and completion.


The chromium protoporphyrin IX reaction, which was allowed to run for a week, was filtered.


  1. 20ml of DMF (solvent) was brought to boiling point under a condenser.
  2. 0.2009g of protoporphyrin IX was added to the solvent and the mixture was allowed to boil for 20min.
  3. 0.0458g of zinc acetate was added to the boiling mixture and the reaction was allowed to run over the night.


  1. 300ml of distilled water was placed into a bucket of and was allowed to cool down.
  2. The chromium protoporphyrin IX was added to the cold water and it was allowed to sit still in the ice for 45min for to the precipitate to form.