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<font size="4">Michael Weis</font size>
<font size="2">Case Center for Complex Systems Biology<br>
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science<br>
Case Western Reserve University<br>
Cleveland, Ohio<br>
</font size>
== Research Interests ==
My research focuses on the applications of mathematical modeling and complex systems analysis to cancer research.<br>
I am presently involved in two major research areas: <br>
1. The roles of the PI3K-Akt and NFkB pathways in prostate cancer incidence and progression. <br>
2. Flt3 signaling in acute myelogenous leukemia.
== Education==
<blockquote>M.S., Case Western Reserve University <br>
I'm currently in the throes thesis writing, and am hoping to finish my degree this summer.
<blockquote>B.S., Case Western Reserve University <br>
I received my undergraduate degree in Systems and Control Engineering and conducted the majority of my research into the modeling and analysis of JAK-STAT signaling in myeloproliferative diseases.

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