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  1. Prepare new solutions for UV-Vis
  2. Soak prepared furfural film in ethyl acetate
  3. Run prepared solutions on UV-Vis(run baseline with HPLC grade H2O
  4. Rerun ion selective electrodes

Furfural Films

General Protocol for rinsing of furfural films:

  1. Place magnetic stir bar and stemless Büchner funnel top into a 150mL beaker
  2. Remove film from Teflon dish and place into the beaker
  3. Add at least 100mL reagent grade ethyl acetate to the beaker(need enough ethyl acetate to completely cover the film)
  4. Allow the ethyl acetate solution to stir until it appears no color is leaking out from the film

  • The furfural film prepared on 10/31/2012 followed the general protocol for rinsing of fufural films.
  • The fufural film was spin in EtAc for 2.5hours


  • Before placement in the ethyl acetate, the film was a dark brown color(uniformly distributed throughout the film) and was very rigid. So rigid slight cracking appeared to be occurring toward the edge of the film
  • While in the ethyl acetate, approximately 2 hours into the stirring, slight leakage of furfural from the film. Very slight(perhaps no leakage at all). Some of the ethyl acetate solution was placed in a falcon tube for later analysis.
  • After 2.5hrs in the ethyl acetate, film was still dark brown colored and extremely rigid


  • The general protocol for FTIR was followed

Ran films:

  1. PVOH(22K)+1mL GA+100% CEC(prepared 10/3/2012)
  2. PVOH(22K)+1mL GA+50% CEC(prepared 10/4/2012)
  3. PVOH(22K)+1mL GA+NaMT(prepared 10/3/2012)
  4. dehydrated crosslinked PVOH(22K)+1mL GA spun 10 min in CuSO4 (prepared 10/13/2012)
  5. Thin FTIR film(0.1000g PVOH 22K)(prepared 9/21/2012)
  6. PVOH(22K)+1mL GA (prepared 10/3/2012)
  7. PVOH(22K)+0.3199 furfural+HCl(after spun with ethyl acetate)

FTIR Images from previous runs: FTIR.JPG