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  1. Crosslink porphyrin films
  2. Run AA using film adsorption
  3. Prepare next highest porphyrin concentration solution. Then add salts to these higher porphyrin solutions
  4. Run UV-vis on film adsorption and porphyrin-salt solutions


  • The general protocol for porphyrin film crosslinking described on 2012/09/14 was followed for the films listed below

Films Crosslinked:

  1. PVOH(22K) 1.0073g+1.0mL GA+1mL porphyrin
  2. PVOH(22K) 1.05225g+1.0mL GA+1mL porphyrin

Crosslinking information

Films Amount of fixant solution used to crosslink(mL) Amount fixant solution kept in vial(mL) Amount of 1% aqueous HCl solution used to crosslink(mL Amount HCl solution saved in vial(mL) Amount of 0.2M sodium bicarbonate used(mL) Amount sodium bicarbonate solution saved(mL) Mass of film after crosslinking(g)
PVOH(22K) 1.0073g+1.0mL GA+1mL porphyrin 99.95 13 100 14 100 12 1.4974
PVOH(22K) 1.05225g+1.0mL GA+1mL porphyrin 101 12 98 13 99.8 12 1.9251
  • For the films listed below, the films were placed in a 6M NaCl solution at 70°C for ~1.5 hours

Crosslinked Films:

  1. PVOH(22K) 1.02114g+0.5mL GA+1mL porphyrin+HCl
  2. PVOH(22K) 1.0067g+1mL GA+1mL porphyrin+HCl

Crosslinking information:

Films crosslinked Amount of NaCl added(g) Amount 6M NaCl solution used(mL) Amount NaCl solution saved(mL) Mass of film after crosslinking(g)
PVOH(22K) 1.02114g+0.5mL GA+1mL porphyrin+HCl 0.3576 100 12 1.7781
PVOH(22K) 1.0067g+1mL GA+1mL porphyrin+HCl 0.363 99 12 1.5672

Observations for crosslinking films

  • PVOH(22K) 1.02114g+0.5mL GA+1mL porphyrin+HCl was shrunken, shriveled and was green in color before crosslinking
  • PVOH(22K) 1.0067g+1mL GA+1mL porphyrin+HCl shrunk, looked shriveled and was green in color before crosslinking
  • PVOH(22K) 1.0073g+1.0mL GA+1mL porphyrin was flat, relatively shiny and pink in color before crosslinking
  • PVOH(22K) 1.05225g+1.0mL GA+1mL porphyrin was flat, shiny and pink in color before crosslinking
  • When added film to fixant solution both beakers of solution had some color leak out. Color of both beakers were yellowish/greenish. Film with 1mL GA not as colored. Film with 0.5mL GA seems to be a more vibrant color(leaking more)
  • NaCl solution with film with 0.5mL GA had very slight leaking(slight discoloration of solution very light green). Coloration of solution was occurring very gradually
  • Both films after fixant solution were a vibrant green color(like jolly rancher green). Film with 1.0mL GA was a darker/ more vibrant green
  • Films placed in 1% aqueous HCl soltn. both started to have color leak out
  • 1.0mL GA+HCl film when placed in the 6M NaCl solution leaked very minimally(solution looks very faintly green). Much less in comparison to 0.5mL GA.
  • 0.5mL GA+HCl film after 1hr. and 15min. heated , remained bright green color. Stored in H2O. After adding H2O, film turned into a pink color(darker pink on edges)
  • Addition of both films to sodium bicarbonate caused all porphyrin to leak out(films no longer colored. completely clear.)
  • Film 1mLGA+HCl remained dark green and more stiff than other film. Turned pink after addition to deionized H2O

Please refer to User:Karlena_L._Brown/Notebook/CHEM-581/2012/10/26 and User:Melissa_Novy/Notebook/CHEM-581/2012/10/26 for calculations relating to preparation of higher concentration of porphyrin solutions and salt.