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  1. Crosslink porphyrin films
  2. Run AA using film adsorption
  3. Prepare next highest porphyrin concentration solution. Then add salts to these higher porphyrin solutions
  4. Run UV-vis on film adsorption and porphyrin-salt solutions


  • The general protocol for porphyrin film crosslinking described on 2012/09/14 was followed for the films listed below

Films Crosslinked:

  1. PVOH(22K) 1.0073g+1.0mL GA+1mL porphyrin
  2. PVOH(22K) 1.05225g+1.0mL GA+1mL porphyrin

Crosslinking information

Films Amount of fixant solution used to crosslink(mL) ' ' ' Amount fixant solution kept in vial(mL) Amount of 1% aqueous HCl solution used to crosslink(mL Amount HCl solution saved in vial(mL) Amount of 0.2M sodium bicarbonate used(mL) Amount sodium bicarbonate solution saved(mL)
PVOH(22K) 1.0073g+1.0mL GA+1mL porphyrin 99.95 13 100 14 100 12
PVOH(22K) 1.05225g+1.0mL GA+1mL porphyrin 101 12 98 13 99.8 12
  • For the films listed below, the films were placed in a 6M