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(Preparation of Magnetite nanoparticles with gold)
(Preparation of Magnetite nanoparticles with gold)
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'''General Protocol:'''
'''General Protocol:'''
#Prepare the
#Prepare magnetite nanoparticles using general protocol described on [[. <font
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  1. Run AA of all solutions prepared up to this point. This is to determine the amount of Fe remaining in solution after synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles
  2. Attempt preparation of magnetite nanoparticles with gold to produce fibers using new synthetic protocol.
  3. Analyze any remaining data (AA, UV/vis, FTIR, XRD, microscope, etc.)

AA Standard Preparations

  • Because AA is destructive 10mL of each iron standard will be prepared.
  • 5 standard solutions (25μg/mL, 20μg/mL, 15μg/mL, 10μg/mL, 5μg/mL) will be prepared. In total 6 standard solutions will be run as a calibration for the AA (deionized H2O will also be used.)

General Protocol:

  1. Add the necessary volume of AA/ICPMS Fe 1003±3 μg/mL, 4% HNO3 solution to a clean 10mL volumetric flask.
  2. Fill the volumetric flask to the line with deionized H2O. Cap and shake the volumetric flask for ~2min.
  3. Pour the iron solution into a falcon tube for storage. Parafilm the cap of the falcon tube to ensure no H2O evaporates.

Table 1. AA standard solutions preparation

Concentration(μg/mL) Amount Stock solution added (mL)
5 0.049850449
10 0.099700897
15 0.149551346
20 0.199401795
25 0.249252243

Preparation of Magnetite nanoparticles with gold

  • As the synthesis on 03/05/2014 did not produce fibers (though appears to have produced gold nanoparticles and magnetite nanoparticles), a new method will be used.

General Protocol:

  1. Prepare magnetite nanoparticles using general protocol described on [[. <font