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  1. Re-prepare BSA-AuNP solutions that were originally prepared on 11/19/2013 because these solutions did not form fibers
  2. Analyze invertase-AuNP solutions prepared on 11/19/2013 using UV/vis and AA spectroscopy.

UV/vis spectroscopy

  • The general protocol for analyzing Au-NP solutions via UV/vis spectroscopy described on 11/06/2013 was followed.

Figure 1. Corrected Absorbance Spectra of Invertase Au-NP solutions
Invertase Absorption Spectra.jpg

AA spectroscopy

General Protocol

  1. Transfer 3mL of sample from test tubes into a 10mL falcon tube.
  2. Centrifuge 3mL protein-AuNP solutions for 30 minutes at 4000rpm. Be sure that the centrifuge is balanced.
  3. Prepare 5 standard Au solutions (10μg/mL, 20μg/mL, 30μg/mL, 40μg/mL, 50μg/mL) following protocol described on 09/10/2013.
  4. Run samples on AA.

Table 1. Standard Au Solution preparation from 1000μg/mL AA Au gold standard solution

Concentration(μg/mL) Volume of stock Au solution(mL) Volume Deionized water added(mL)
10 0.1 9.9
20 0.2 9.8
30 0.3 9.7
40 0.4 9.6
50 0.5 9.5


  • All BSA solutions prepared 11/19/2013 did not form fibers. This did not coincide with all other lab groups data. It is suspected that the BSA stock solution was prepared inaccurately. New nano-particles will be prepared.

Figure 1. BSA-AuNP solutions that did not form fibers.
Figure 2. Invertase-AuNP solutions that did form fibers.