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  1. Run UV-vis on the 20 protein-Au nanoparticle samples prepared on 10/22/2013.
  2. Synthesize new HRP-AuNP solutions and Myoglobin-AuNP solutions for future catalytic activity testing.

HRP-AuNP and Myoglobin-AuNP

  • The protein-AuNP solutions prepared on 10/22/2013 did not produce fibers. As such, new protein-AuNP solutions with increased ratios of protein-AuNP were prepared in order to determine the optimal concentration of Au to protein to synthesize fibers.
  • The general protocol for the synthesis of HRP-AuNP and Pepsin-AuNP follows the general protocol for the preparation of protein wrapped Au-NPs described on 08/28/2013.

Table 1. Stock solutions used in the preparation of Protein-AuNP solutions

Concentration HRP Day 2(M) Concentration Gold Stock (M) Myoglobin (M)
0.0000015 0.0025 0.0000165

Table 2. Preparation of Protein-AuNP solutions