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Objective 1) Swelling Studies on PVOH/Glutaraldehyde Films

Objective 2) UV-VIS studies on 0.5 g PVOH, 1 ml porphyrin films.


  • Swelling Studies:

The initial mass of PVOH/Glutaraldehyde film, before swelling = 0.6707 g The final mass of PVOH/Glutaraldehyde film, after swelling = 0.6878 g

% Change = (Final Mass- Initial Mass)/(Initail Mass) * 100

Therefore, % Increase = (0.6878g-0.6707g)/(0.6707) = 2.55% increase

  • UV-Vis Analysis:

Thin 0.5 g PVOH, 1 ml glutaraldehyde and porphyrin film, in a rectangular slit form, was cut off and placed in a 1 cm wide cuvette for the absorption studies.

Note that the width of the film was measure by using the vernier callipers, and it was determined to be 0.55 mm, which is equivalent to 0.0055 cm.


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