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Acid Catalytic Dehydration reaction in cross-linking of glutaraldehyde, solubility tests of the resultant film, swelling studies and neutralization of films in sodium carbonate solution.


Part I

In a 100 ml of water solution, 20 g of sodium sulfate was placed. Once the solution was dissolved, 2 ml of the concentrated sulfuric acid was added. The resultant mixture was allowed to reach at the temperature of 70 deg Celsius before adding 0.1 g of PVOH having the molar mass of 22,000 cross-linked with glutaraldehyde film. When 1 hour was elapsed, the film was taken out of the solution and was rinsed several times with distilled water before it was placed in to 1% aqueous hydrochloric acid solution for half hour.0.2 M sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) solution was prepared in a separate beaker and after about half hour, the film, treated with 1% HCl solution was placed in sodium carbonate solution for 15 mins. That process was taken place inside the fume hood on a hot plate, with no heat or stirring involved.

Part II

Another PVOH (MW of 22,000) film was prepared in 5 ml deionized water solution. After PVOH was dissolved in water, 1 ml of glutaraldehyde was added to the resultant mixture and the entire mixture was then placed in to Teflon plate. The solution was finally allowed to dry inside the fume hood.

Part I

Calculating The Mass of Sodium Carbonate:

(0.2 mol Na2CO3/L) * (1 L/1,000 ml) * (100 ml) * (84.007 g Na2CO3/1mol Na2CO3 = 1.68 g Na2CO3 (sodium carbonate).


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It was noticed that the film with lower molecular mass i.e., 22,000 MW is slightly thinner than the film with higher molecular mass i.e., 100,000.