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Michael Piña

Contact Information

1 LMU Dr. MS-B 2166

Los Angeles CA 90045

About me


Major: Biology

Class Year: 2011

Emphases: Pre-Med

I feel that my vocation in life is to help people, and with my knack for science, medicine seemed to be a good fit; that is not to say, however, that I would like to go to medical school just because it seems natural. I have a true passion for medicine and would love to be a M.D. specializing in neurology.

Upper Division Courses

  1. Plant Physiology
  2. Biological Databases
  3. Bioinformatics Laboratory
  4. Plant Interactions
  5. General Microbiology
  • My favorite aspect of Biology is gaining a greater appreciation for the natural world around me.


I don't have any concerns about the class thus far. Since I was in Biological Databases last semester, I feel comfortable with the content that will be presented in this class.

Besides being a Biology major, I am quite computer savvy and I prefer the Mac OS X operating system.

I am an avid reader of technology blogs such as engadget