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  1. Run three trials of 40 uM Adenosine solution
  2. Run three trials of 50 uM Quercetin solution
  3. Run three trials of 50 uM Myricetin solution
  4. Prepare Histogram with error bars


  1. Prepare 500 uM stock solution Myricetin
  • 4.4 mg Myricetin in 27.65 mL DMSO
  • 300 uL aliquots in each cuvette for 50 uM Myricetin


  • Add data and results here...


  • In adenosine with no inhibitor add 300 uL DMSO
  • Remake Quercetin to have to add 300 uL to cuvette
  • Change Adenosine Concentration 25 uM