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==Preparation of adenosine stock solution==
*10mL of 15mM solution of adenosine was prepared
** .015M = x/.01
**0.0015mol adenosine * 267.24mol/g adenosine = 401mg adenosine
**401mg adenosine was weighed and added to 10mL phosphate buffer.
*The 15mM solution was diluted to 5mM
**.01L * .015M = .005M * x
**0.03L total volume for 5mM
**0.02L buffer was added to bring the solution to 30mL and 5mM
==Preparation of phosphate buffer==
*3.72g NaH2PO4 and 13.08 Na2HPO4 were added to 1.2L water, which was shaken.
*pH was brought to 7.4 using NaOH
==Preparation of ADA aliquots==
*[[User:Dhea_Patel/Notebook/CHEM_572:_ADA%26Inhibitor_Kinetics|Dhea Patel]] measured out 1.7g 0.5unit/mL ADA
*Stock solution was prepared by adding 68 mL phosphate buffer to the ADA
*This was divided into 68 1mL centrifuge tubes, which were stored in the freezer.

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