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Entry title

  1. 5μL of the DNA solution prepared last week was added to 40μL cells
  2. The solution was placed on a heat block for 30 seconds and put on ice.
  3. The solution was incubated at 37oC and 225rpm for 1 hour
    1. 250μL Lysogeny Broth (LB) was added
  4. The solution was incubated again with the same specifications
  1. Solutions with Lysozyme and BSA prepared [[last week|last week]] were analyzed via UV/Vis. There was no peak at 520nm, so it was determined that heating at 50°C was insufficient. The solutions went back in the oven for 4 hours at 80°C, which is the same temperature BSA was seen succesfully unfolding at.
  2. Solutions with Au and BSA prepared last week were analyzed via UV/Vis.