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  • The procedure for PCR Mutation was followed
    • The specifications of the forward primer used are as follows:


    • 1mL molecular biology grade water was added to the primer.
    • The volume of primer solution needed to prepare 1mL of 100ng/uL solution was calculated
      • 0.49mg/1000μL = 490ng/μL
      • 100ng/uL*1000uL / 490ng/uL = 204.08μL
    • Keyun Wang prepared 100ng/uL solution of the matching forward primer.
    • Solution was prepared with the following:
      • 1uL forward primer ***1uL reverse primer ***1uL wild strand ADA ***5uL 10x Pfu buffer ***40.6uL molecular biology grade water ***1uL Turbo DNA polymerase solution ***0.4Turbo DNA polymerase 25mM dNTPs