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  • With UV/Vis, see how varyious concentrations of Tris at pH=10 dissolve HAuCl4 and BSA fibers
  • Prepare solution of HAuCl4 and BSA at a concentration that will have AuNPs in solution rather than fibers. The particles in solution will be mixed with Tris buffer to see how they are affected.


  • Solutions with a 170 mole ratio of HAuCl4 and BSA prepared yesterday were centrifuged at 3000rpm and 10oC for 5 minutes.
    • Water was removed with a pipette
    • A serial dilution with Tris was completed exactly as on 9/4, with Tris stock at pH 10 made that day.
    • Solutions were analyzed via UV/Vis
  • A 70 [Au/BSA] solution was prepared just like the one on 8/29, using the same stock solutions. These went in oven at 85oC for 4 hours.




  • Just like the sets with Tris at pH 8, there was no change in absorbance at 528nm relative to background. The entire background dropped over the course of the first 2 sets, just like it did between the 2nd and 3rd in the trials at pH 8