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Welcome to Mike Speer's Command Center

My Golf-Disc Recycling Enterprise

Contact Information

  • The best way to reach me is by email:
  • Phone (801) 471 - 4870.

Research News

  • Development of a Silage Inoculant for Biological Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Biomass.
    • Production of heterologous ligninases in L. plantarum and L. buchneri
    • Development of conditionally active expression/secretion systems for lactobacillus
    • Determination of ideal enzyme secretion levels based on a balance between production and survival
    • Determination of optimal inoculation ratios between two recombinant species
    • Development of Aerobic/Anaerobic storage pretreatment strategies

General Information

  • I graduated from UC Davis in Biological Systems Engineering in 2007.
  • My wife's name is Colleen and we have been married since 2006


  1. skiing
  2. hiking
  3. metalurgy
  4. home improvement

Sites I think are Cool

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