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  • Analyze PVOH films with FTIR.
  • Conduct UV-vis on solutions of porphine + salt and CuSO4 exchanged with MT clay solutions.

FTIR of PVOH Films


UV-Vis of Porphine and Sulfate Salt Solutions

  • The sulfate salt solutions were made on 2012/10/24.
  • The following solutions were analyzed:
Conc. Porphyrin [μM] 10 mM Salt []
9.445 Na2SO4
9.445 FeSO4
9.445 Fe2(SO4)3
9.445 Al2(SO4)3
31.48 Na2SO4
31.48 FeSO4
31.48 Fe2(SO4)3
31.48 Al2(SO4)3

9.445 uM Porphine.JPG
31.48 uM Porphine.JPG

  • The peak at around 430 nm is assigned to porphine.
  • Note that Al2(SO4)3 displays two additional peaks.