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[[Image:Inosine 9 4 2013 cmj cali.jpg]]
[[Image:Inosine 9 4 2013 cmj cali.jpg]]
[[Image:Adenosinetrial2 9 4 2013 cmj UVVIS.jpg]]
[[Image:Adenosinetrial2 9 4 2013 conc.jpg]]
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Adenosine and Inosine UV-Vis and Analysis


  • Collect the data on the UV-Vis from the ionisine dilutions

The inosine samples came from yesterday's protocol

  • Calculate calibration curves for Adenosine and Inosine
  • Run a data regressions on the class' data


Yesterday, our adenosine dilutions were much lower than the class' average, so we redid the adenosine samples. A new stock solutions was made using yesterday's protocol and the stock solutions was made from .0809g of adenosine. Adenosine2 9 4 2013 cmj.jpg


A UV-Vis spectra of the new adenosine samples and the inosine samples were collected. The parameters for the UV-Vis were measured between 450 and 200nm. The peak for the insonie spectra was at 249nm while the adenosine was 259nm. This wavelength was used when calculating the calibration curve.

Inosine 9 4 2013 cmj UVVIS.jpg Inosine 9 4 2013 cmj cali.jpg

Adenosinetrial2 9 4 2013 conc.jpg