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*Brute force
*Brute force
*Scaffolds after 1 hr in Tris-polydopamine
*Scaffolds after 1 hr in Tris-polydopamine

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Entry title

  • Make polydopamine for nanofibers
  • Myoglobin for procedure


  • Preparing scaffolds
    • Immerse 4 PLA scaffolds (in 5mL test tube) in ~5mL of 10mM, pH 8.5 TRIS polydopamine solution for 1 hour
      • First two scaffolds immersed in solution pH 8.51
      • Second two scaffolds immersed in solution pH 8.59
    • Add 1mL 0.0621mM myoglobin to solution, shake test tube to combine solutions, allow surface functionalization to occur for 5 hours
    • Rinse with deionized water and allow scaffold to dry overnight


  • Brute force
    • Photo Feb 18, 1 45 09 PM.jpg
    • Bforce myo.jpg
    • Bforce myo 10x3.jpg
    • Bforce myo3.jpg
  • Scaffolds after 1 hr in Tris-polydopamine

Photo Feb 18, 2 08 38 PM.jpg

  • Scaffolds after 5 hrs in Tris-polydopamine and Myoglobin solution