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Project Description/Abstract

  • Applying different ligand-receptor binding assay techniques on the membrane preparations from rat/mouse brain/adrenal glands/pancreas/kidney and Ang II receptor autoradiography, this lab finds out the subtype of Ang II receptors present there and their binding affinity as well as specificity.
  • Lab – Dr. Robert C. Speth
  • Duration- 1/07/13 - 2/01/13


  • Buffer solution: The recipe for the 0.5L assay buffer (Assay Medium or AM) is:

NaCl 4.38 g Na2EDTA 930 mg Bacitracin 70.5 mg 500mM dibasic NaPO4 50 ml Distilled deionized water 450 ml pH is adjusted to 7.1-7.2 with HCl

  • Hypotonic buffer solution: The recipe for the 0.5L hypotonic buffer solution is:

500mM NaH2PO4 12 ml 200mM Na2HPO4 70 ml Distilled deionized water 918 ml pH was checked to be 7.15

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