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Contact Info

Mat, yesterday

I work in the Todd Lab at the University of Sydney.

The OWW group page will be a place to set up lab protocols, so they never die.

You can also find me on Friendfeed, Twitter, Facebook and on my blog

If you're looking for our open science stuff, try The Synaptic Leap, our PZQ LabBlog for raw data, or our publications sandbox.


  • 2005-, Lecturer then Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney
  • 2001-2005, Lecturer in Chemistry, Queen Mary, University of London
  • 2000-2001, College Fellow and Lecturer, New Hall College, Cambridge University
  • 1999-2000, Postdoc, University of California, Berkeley
  • 1999, PhD, Organic Chemistry, Cambridge University
  • 1995, MA, Natural Science, Cambridge University

Research interests

  1. Organic synthesis and methodology
  2. Asymmetric Catalysis
  3. Chemical Biology


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