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Abigail and I are doing a new MOF synthesis today with DO2A.

Plan: 50 mg of DO2A (MW = 424.2) + 59.0 mg of Zn(Acetate)2·4H2O (MW = 291.5) ratio of 7 Zn for each 3 DO2A. This is from the ratio's from the papers for the synthesis of MOF-5 (4Zns:3ligands) but each of our ligands needs an extra Zn for the middle of the macrocycle.

Actual: 51.3mg of DO2A and 59.8mg of Zn(Acetate)2·4H2O. Add 2mL of diethylformamide. Put in oven (85C) at 11:23 am.


Elaine, Maddie, Nyousha and I did minipreps with pQE-80 (kanR) and WT swMyoglobin in pT7-7 (ampR)

Each miniprep had 5mL of LB and 5uL of appropriate antibiotic.

They were innoculated from a glycerol stock of appropriate vector in NovaBlue cells.


We set up 3 more of the equine blood myoglobin samples that Dhea and Paul made for lyophilizing. Going to let them run 24 hours.