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<b>1. BSA-
<u>Solutions to be made</u>
<u>Solutions to be made</u>
# BSA/NaBH<sub>4</sub>
# BSA/NaBH<sub>4</sub>

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  1. To prepare for the synthesis BSA-ZnmMnn-mSn quantum dots using the protocol described here. We do not have a subscription to this journal. So ask me for a copy of the paper if you want one.
  2. Today I'm also synthesizing cysteine-ZnmMnn-mSn quantum dots using the procedure described here.


1. BSA- Solutions to be made

  1. BSA/NaBH4
    1. Dissolve 4.14g of BSA in 60mL of water (That's 69 mg/mL BSA)
    2. Add 0.4g NaBH4 (That's 6.7 mg/mL NaBH4)
    3. Stir until no more bubbles (H2) are generated.
      1. Note NaBH4 can be dangerous to work with see here and here.
      2. I will be doing all of the handling of this material until researchers add it to their reactions.
  2. 100mM Zn(CH3COO)2
    1. FW = 219.49 g/mol
    2. V = 50mL
    3. mass to be measured = 1.0975g
    4. actual mass = 1.0970g
    5. actual concentration = 100 mM
  3. 10mM Mn(CH3COO)2
    1. FW = 173.02 g/mol
    2. V = 50mL
    3. mass to be measured = 0.0865g
    4. actual mass = 0.0870
    5. actual concentration = 10.1mM
  4. 100mM Na2S (Note: paper uses 0.25M)
    1. FW = 240.18 g/mol
    2. V = 50mL
    3. mass to be measured = 1.201g
    4. actual mass = 1.2060g
    5. actual concentration = 100mM


  1. Start preparing a 70C water bath
  2. Add a stir bar to a 100mL round bottom flask
  3. Add 1 mL of BSA/NaBH4 to the flask
  4. Add 2.25mL of Zn stock solution
    1. Note: Solution will form a white precipitate upon addition of Zn2+
  5. Add 2.5mL of Mn stock solution
  6. Adjust the volume to 19mL using 13.25mL of water
  7. Stir mixture
  8. Adjust pH of solution to 9 with 1M NaOH
    1. Note how much NaOH you ultimately use
    2. Adding NaOH will help dispel the precipitate
  9. Seal container with a rubber septum
  10. Bubble N2 through the sample for 20 minutes
    1. Use the protocol we previously developed
  11. Add 2.5mL of Na2S solution
  12. Put the reaction vessel in the water bath and stir for three hours
  13. Store reaction mixture at 4C until later use.


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