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Measure AA of the BSA-AuNP samples made yesterday


Using the Shimadzu AA-6200 in order to measure the gold content of the BSA-AuNP samples made yesterday. I made 4 standard solutions using our 1,000 μg/mL Au standard.

  1. 4 μg/mL (0.100 mL standard in 25 mL of 1N HCl)
  2. 8 μg/mL (0.200 mL standard in 25 mL of 1N HCl)
  3. 10 μg/mL (0.250 mL standard in 25 mL of 1N HCl)
  4. 20 μg/mL (0.500 mL standard in 25 mL of 1N HCl)


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