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[http://www.ebay.co.uk'''eBay UK''']The best place for shopping!!!<br/>
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[http://www.paypal.com'''Paypal''']The best way to pay what you buy!!!<br/>
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[http://www.myspace.com/mfsar'''Myspace Profile''']<br/>
[http://richarddawkins.net/'''Richard Dawkins net''']
[http://richarddawkins.net/'''Richard Dawkins net''']

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current status:Studying, MS Protein Biotechnology


Sardis Marios Frantzeskos
Department of Biology
University of Crete
Herakleion, Crete



Uoc.jpg Cardiff.jpg
2006-........MS in Protein Biotechnology, Department of Biology,University of Crete
2002-2006 BS in Biology (Biomolecular science and Biotechnology), University of Crete.
2001-2002 Certificate of Higher Education (in Biology), University of Cardiff, Wales, U.K.

Research experience

Past research interests

MHC class II molecules

Current research interests

Molecular motors

Protein translocation mechanisms in E.coli through the SecA-SecYEG system-Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology-Foundation of Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH), Herakleion, Greece
SecA translocase


Past Great Events

1st Joint Meeting of European National Societies of Immunology 6-9 September, 2006, Paris



Nature Publishing Group
Annual Reviews
New Scientist


Nature Immunology
Nature Reviews Immunology
Annual Reviews of Immunology
Journal of Immunology

Open Access




[* BMC journals here!!!


University of Crete
Department of Biology Department of Biology, University of Crete, Greece
M.Sc. Protein Biotechnology, University of Crete M.Sc. Protein Biotechnology of the Department of Biology, University of Crete, Home Page
University of Cardiff University of Cardiff, Wales, U.K.
University of Newport University of Newport, Wales, U.K.
BiocompareGuide for life sciences products
BIO 502Bio 502 Economou & Tokatlidis
How to collect and see bacteria
Atlas of Protein Side-Chain Interactions
This introduction to experimental biosciences will introduce and reinforce practical skills in the context of three different laboratory investigations..
Superb presentation explaining how PAGE works
The Escherichia coli database
Todar's Online Textbook of Bacteriology
Ken Todar's Microbial World

Internet tools

PubMed-Major source of Bibliography and useful tools
PAGE (SDS/Native) calculator
Molarity calculator
The Lipid Library
Protein interactions in Yeast
Recombinant Protein Solubility Prediction


ExPASy Proteomics Server
SWISS-MODEL is a fully automated protein structure homology-modeling server, accessible via the ExPASy web server, or from the program DeepView
EBI Tools: ClustalW
[ ]
[ ]


eBay UKThe best place for shopping!!!
PaypalThe best way to pay what you buy!!!
Myspace Profile
Richard Dawkins net


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