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Contact Info

Mariana Ruiz Velasco Leyva. UNAM-Genomics Mexico.

  • Hi! My name is Mariana Ruiz Velasco Leyva, I am 21 years old, and I am currently studying on the Undergraduate Program on Genomic Sciences at the "Universidad Nacional Autonóma de México" (UNAM) campus Morelos. I am a very girly girl who always likes to try new things, tries to keep laughing and smiling, and loves her family and friends very much.
  • What I like? Well, I certainly have a big range of activities to get me entertained and busy at all times ;). Right now, my very first love is iGEM <3, but I also make myself time for school, dancing and hanging out with my friends, reading papers for pleasure, exercising, and listening to good music.


  • Bachelor of the Undergraduate Program on Genomic Sciences, Center for Genomic Sciences, UNAM , Mexico.

iGEM 2010

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