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==Useful links==
==Useful links==
*[[OpenWetWare:Welcome|Introductory tutorial]]
*[http://aptamerbase.semanticscience.org/ Aptamer Base]
*[[Help|OpenWetWare help pages]]

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Contact Info

Maria C. DeRosa (an artistic interpretation)

I'm the PI of the DeRosa lab at Carleton University.


  • 2003, PhD, Carleton University
  • 1999, BSc, Carleton University

Research interests

  1. Aptamers
  2. Biosensors
  3. DNA nanotechnology

Selected Publications

  1. In situ biosensing with a surface plasmon resonance fiber grating aptasensor. pmid=21815621
  2. Intra-accumbens injection of a dopamine aptamer abates MK-801-induced cognitive dysfunction in a model of schizophrenia. pmid=21779401
  3. Target binding influences permeability in aptamer-polyelectrolyte microcapsules. pmid=21485004
  4. Computational approaches toward the design of pools for the in vitro selection of complex aptamers. pmid=20870801

Useful links