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Contact Info

Maiko Furubayashi in 2010
  • Dept. Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology, Chiba University, Japan
  • Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
  • maiko.furubayashi *at*
  • I am currently a graduate student in Umeno lab @ Chiba Univ.


  • 2009, BS in Chemistry from Chiba University.
    • participated in iGEM 2006

Research interests

  1. Directed evolution of biosynthetic pathways
  2. Metabolic engineering
  3. Synthetic biology
  4. Carotenoids/Terpenes


  1. Furubayashi M, Umeno D, Directed Evolution of Carotenoid Synthases for the Production of Unnatural Carotenoids. Methods Mol Biol, in press (2010)
  2. Tashiro Y, Furubayashi M, Morijiri T, Suzuki K, Yasuno K, Matsuno S, Katabami A, Saito K, Umeno D, Escherichia coli robots that freeze, smell, swell, and time-keep. Synthetic Biology, IET., 1, 41-43 (2007)


  1. Umeno D, Tashiro Y, Furubayashi M, Device Genetics for Programmed Cell Death. J Japan Soc Extremophiles, 7, 31-35 (2008)
  2. Furubayashi M, Tashiro Y, Umeno D, 材料科学のための合成生物, 未来材料, 10, 2-7 (2010)
  3. Umeno D, Furubayashi M, Misawa N, 第3章・カロテノイドの生合成, 宮下和夫(監修)カロテノイドの科学と最新応用技術, シーエムシー出版, pp.27-37 (2009)