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I am a new member of OpenWetWare!

Contact Info

Mahesh Thapa (an artistic interpretation)

I work in the Linda Griffith's at MIT. I learned about OpenWetWare from 20.109 class, and I've joined because I can edit and share information.

Research interests

Cancer Research

Useful links

Registration/Questionnaire: 20.109 Fall 2012

Last Name


First Name


Preferred name

Mahesh Thapa



Year of Graduation


Telephone #



thapa AT mit DOT edu

Have you taken or are you taking...

20.320 (Cell Kinetics)-currently taking
7.05/5.07 (Biochemistry)-currently taking
7.06 (Cell Biology)-will take
5.310 (General Chemistry Lab) -will take

Do you have any experience culturing cells (mammalian, yeast or microbial)? No

Do you have any experience in molecular biology (electrophoresis, PCR, etc)? No

Please briefly describe any previous laboratory experience

I have worked in Linda Griffith's Lab making micro-well on glass coverslips using PDMS stamps.

Please briefly describe any previous technical communication experience you have

    • Written Communication
    • Oral Communication

Anything else you would like us to know?