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* 2005, BSc/BA from University of Virginia
* 2005, BSc/BA from University of Virginia
===Research Interests===
* Nonresistant persistence of mycobacteria to antibiotics
* Programming languages
* Odd corners of quantum theory
===Protocols in Development===
* [[Madhadron:PloidyMeasurement|Ploidy Measurement in Population]]
* [[Madhadron:ChromosomeMarker|Fluorescent Markers of Chromosomes]]
* [[Madhadron:ElectroporateSmegmatis|Electroporating ''M. smegmatis'']]
* [[Madhadron:SpheroplastingSmegmatis|Making spheroplasts of ''M. smegmatis'']]
* [[Madhadron:TargetsForFluorescentMarkers|Targets for Fluorescent Markers in ''M. smegmatis'']]
* [[Madhadron:MycolicAcidMeasurement|Measuring Mycolic Acid Content]]
* [[Madhadron:DICOnAgar|DIC microscopy on agar]]
* [[Madhadron:PreparingCellsForMicroscope|How to prepare ''M. smegmatis'' for microscopy]]
* [[Madhadron:FlowChambers|New Flow Chambers]]
===Bench Stuff===
===Bench Stuff===

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Fred Ross
Global Health Institute, School of Life Sciences
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
Bâtiment AI 2150, Station 15
CH-1015 Lausanne

Email: oww dot 20 dot madhadron at epfl dot ch
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  • 2005, BSc/BA from University of Virginia

Bench Stuff