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July 1, 2013

FCS Sample Preparation

  • Green fluorescent beads
    • 1000x diluted: from 10x dilution
    • 10,000x diluted: from 10x dilution
  • Oligo D: 20,000pM → 1000pM → 150pM
    • 150pM: from 1000pM dilution
    • 125pM: from 150pM dilution
    • 100pM: from 150pM dilution
    • 80pM: from 150pM dilution
    • 60pM: from 150pM dilution
    • 50pM: from 150pM dilution
    • 40pM: from 150pM dilution
    • 30pM: from 150pM dilution
    • 20pM: from 150pM dilution
    • 10pM: from 150pM dilution
  • MB/DNA
    • 1nM/800pM: from 2nM/1.6nM dilutions
    • 900pM/720pM: from 50nM dilutions
    • 800pM/640pM: from 50nM dilutions
    • 700pM/560pM: from 2nM/1.6nM dilutions
    • 600pM/480pM: from 2nM/1.6nM dilutions
    • 500pM/400pM: from 2nM/1.6nM dilutions
    • 400pM/320pM: from 2nM/1.6nM dilutions
    • 300pM/240pM: from 2nM/1.6nM dilutions
    • 200pM/160pM: from 2nM/1.6nM dilutions
    • 100pM/80pM: from 2nM/1.6nM dilutions
    • 75pM/60pM: from 2nM/1.6nM dilutions
    • 50pM/40pM: from 2nM/1.6nM dilutions
    • 25pM/12.5pM: from 2nM/1.6nM dilutions

FCS Data

FCS data 2013 0701 OD, MB-DNA calibrations.PNG


  • Calibration curves did not turn out as expected (linear trend)
  • DNA, not MB, should be in excess for DNA-MB samples to ensure all MB is bound
  • Focus on three concentrations, run each sample several times, average curves