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June 10, 2013

  • Silica-coating procedure from 05/24/2013 performed<br.>
    • MHA attachment performed, silica-coating reaction to be performed tomorrow

Buffer Preparation and Calculations

Sodium phosphate buffer, pH 9, to be used for the modification of HS-DNA and AuNPs@SiO2 procedure.<br.> monosodium phosphate- MW: 119.98g/mol<br.> disodium phosphate- MW: 141.96g/mol, pKA: 6.82<br.> buffer- pH 9,concentration 10mM<br.> <br.> 9=6.82+log([base]/[acid])<br.> 151.36=(10-[base])/([acid])<br.> [acid](151.36+1)=10<br.> [acid]=0.066mM<br.> [base]=9.935mM<br.> <br.> Use 0.0094g NaH2PO4 and 1.19188g Na2HPO4 in 1L water.<br.>